Life of an Innovator


Lately there hasn’t been any innovators in the main stream industries of entertainment, because most are probably going through the same issues we are having now. no one can do better then what you can do for your self, because its not their fight it’s yours. Honestly money can’t buy you a God given talent but the major industries believe money is power their god is money, that’s sad; however we as artists are pushing forward to become more successful in entertainment as innovators we believe with God all things are possible no matter what….. We must be that righteous, because we keep stumbling and no matter if we scrape our knees we just get right back up and fight some more.

This is the life of an Innovator.

Eclectic Pop Duo

Creators of Eclectic Pop

Working on idea…

Working on ideas for our photo shoot some of the images will appear on our web site 

 It’s been a while since we had a photo shoot we have sooo much to do for others as well as ourselves, the Lord keeps testing our faith and it keeps getting stronger the tougher he is on us, you have to learn how to except the bad in order to receive good things. Our treasure is ever lasting life.

” No matter what trust in Christ ! ” 

MC Adam Yauch

It hurts to know that Yauch has passed away, it would have been wonderful to have worked with him and had a chance to record with the Beastie Boys. we left a memorial message on our front page of our website please check it out.

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