Politics What Is Liberty

NEW Photos

Our Website and Flickr has new pics as promised, we are about to do more pictures real soon and, a music video has been in  talks with the record label so be waiting for that as well also Sugar Babies our single Politics what is Liberty will be out fast as flash we have been promoting it left and right and there is still more work to do just click the image to go to our website.

 shalom ve lehitraot !

Politics cover (1)

Politics What Is Liberty!

Our Single from Women Of Machines has been chosen! The song “Politics What Is Liberty” will be released 


Politics cover (1)

New Music Alert


We are about to release this awesome LP here is the NEW cover you will see on all online stores worldwide!

LP Cover

Natural Sound Studio

We have finally begun getting our LP recorded, We are recording at Natural Sound Studio in St Paul!

Recording was awesome everything went well. Today we will start mixing and mastering.  We are very Ecstatic about finally getting a chance to. Record Women Of Machines ©.

Steve Janega is Engineering, our LP He’s Awesome!

St Paul MN

989 Selby Ave, St paul


Shalom, Shalom!

We are excited about this, we are about to record our LP next week ! we are currently in our hometown St. Paul Minnesota our tour will kick off shortly, also we are releasing this LP from our own label

Rephaim Records ™  the record label will have its grand opening later in Manhattan NYC once it is open for others we will sign additional artists only those that qualify. For qualification information 

 please see this website> RephaimRecordsInfo    Fans ! be waiting for this release! 

W.O.MOur new LP Women Of Machines will be released real soon!

Our Home Town

Shalom !

We are going to record our LP in St Paul Minnesota (where we are from by the way), our tour will kick of in the US and then we will be headed over to see our fans  in other countries! so stay updated with us,  also we have a 2013 photo shoot coming up and we are looking forward to sharing music, pictures, and video footage from our tour,  what is also in store for all you fans is, there will be a “Music Video” for the single and the video will be directed by us! So much excitement not enough time !


We Love You Fans & Hold Fast!


Back cover of W.O.M album

Back cover of Women Of Machines album



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