We are now on kickstarter! our Women Of Machines Promotional Tour Campaign has Launched! 

Shalom! Our promotional tour is long over due & we are determined to give the best shows in entertainment history. For you to join us on this quest will be awesome, because Fans, We can’t do this without you! We plan to take our creativity to the max, & since we are international artists this will be a world wide tour. We are starting our promo tour in the US in our home town St Paul Minnesota! then heading over to Chicago, New York City, Pittsburgh, Florida, etc, then we will be touring in Germany, London, India, Spain, Italy, and more. our tour dates, States,and Countries also tour starting, and ending dates will be posted to our website. So you’ll know when we are in your area. This promotional tour is for the release of our LP Women Of Machines. With our originality and skill this will be “with out a doubt” one of the most memorable events of all time.

    Click the Image Below

Women Of Machines Promotion Tour

Women Of Machines Promotion Tour


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