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For the old school

Music is not what it use to be… and our business has been tampered with. Messing with our career is like someone trying to bomb your country, to us, music / entertainment is our living space, and all the artificial technology has made it drab, everyone is on the same drug and their production and writing has been awful no color or effort just push button technology.

“talent is not limited only people are” 

Not much to say but it’s sad what these dumb asses expect you to do our to have before they help or put you on the spot, that’s why the D.I.Y thing has become the factor much more with a lot of artists today, with this digital distribution anyone can buy. Record labels made it even harder to get under their roof…

Okay, it’s like this, they give the artist the hassle about a “demo” they forget that demo means demonstration a demonstration is not a finished project dumb ass, then, you get in the door and they tell you this, your no longer this person, your what I tell you to be.

The business has all ways been dirty, but most of the time you were signed according to this “Hey! You Have talent” now don’t get us wrong, there were people signed for nothing back in the day as well but, at least you can count how many talented artists there were from the time Pop, Rock n Roll, Metal, Hip Hop, etc was new to the world.

Over promoted under developed has become this industry,& every ones personal life is the greatest thing,there are so many opinions to add to this, some will even try to back the people that need technology to further their careers no matter the comments ask your selves this…and think about it if you have too.

Where would your today’s artist be if they were out when reel to reel was they way to record? Then why waste time & money on artificial? Don’t let seeing someone on TV make a fool out of you they are human just like you why forget that?

The real thing is still out there, and we happen to be apart of innovation, and being Pioneers by creating our own genre/ production but to change things a bit we then protecting it from vultures by registered trademark, If I could turn back the hands of time with us in it, when record labels were newborns,  I’d make sure each creator that had a production /genre was protected.

No one ever protected their genre not even their lyrics, you know the copyright law and trademark law dates so far back but with racialism, and money made devils out of people, And that was an hard task for most, but if it were so it would have help enough to have kept this generation from destroying music today. At least it would have kept things creative.

So many and Much more people would appreciate what we do for a living and that’s perform LIVE Music there is no effort that’s why people look at it like its a game or a pass time thing my job is just as real as any job, if you think our  job is better because it looks easier think again looks are deceiving,  this is our career and some others feel like we do about their jobs.

“We would not trade what we do for the world”.     



Sup and Shalom


People have been telling us from all over the glob to get on Facebook, we really rather have a social meet and greet because in person you know your guarantee but Facebook can be good for promotion. We have excepted Facebook. Now, we are not saying it grew on us, we are saying that to use it as a source of promotion wouldn’t hurt.


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Politics What Is Liberty

NEW Photos

Our Website and Flickr has new pics as promised, we are about to do more pictures real soon and, a music video has been in  talks with the record label so be waiting for that as well also Sugar Babies our single Politics what is Liberty will be out fast as flash we have been promoting it left and right and there is still more work to do just click the image to go to our website.

 shalom ve lehitraot !

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