Yauch We Miss You Bro.

This blog post is for MCA we miss him and, he is on our minds everyday,

“It doesn’t seem like a year has passed since he’s been gone and, it is still painful to know he is resting so soon”.

MC Adam Yauch

MC Adam Yauch


MCA 1989

MCA 1989

                                                                                                                            Adam N. Yauch

Adam N. Yauch







To start our Earth Day

“Even though this world is so full of hate, the nature of this world should still be taken care of.”

    ~Feminine Rhyme

AJ and D


We are now on kickstarter! our Women Of Machines Promotional Tour Campaign has Launched! 

Shalom! Our promotional tour is long over due & we are determined to give the best shows in entertainment history. For you to join us on this quest will be awesome, because Fans, We can’t do this without you! We plan to take our creativity to the max, & since we are international artists this will be a world wide tour. We are starting our promo tour in the US in our home town St Paul Minnesota! then heading over to Chicago, New York City, Pittsburgh, Florida, etc, then we will be touring in Germany, London, India, Spain, Italy, and more. our tour dates, States,and Countries also tour starting, and ending dates will be posted to our website. So you’ll know when we are in your area. This promotional tour is for the release of our LP Women Of Machines. With our originality and skill this will be “with out a doubt” one of the most memorable events of all time.

    Click the Image Below

Women Of Machines Promotion Tour

Women Of Machines Promotion Tour

What’s New

We are working on ideas for a photo shoot some images will be picked for our promotion for our LP Women Of Machines we are looking forward in touring the world real soon.

As Music Innovators we know: 

It’s time people got back into real music so we have a lot of work to do. It’s really sad to see that technology has messed up Music Entertainment, people are washed up and limited as well, no creativity or innovating lately in the so called “main stream” now music makers and singers are simply lazy because auto tune is doing the job for the artists/producers… no effort anymore, lip-syncing is hellishly bribery, and it sad to see so many people thinking that’s the way it should be, especially the younger audience they are growing up watching this new industry and are lead to believe that this is how you make music, Facts are : That’s not how great music started out! The music industry A&R etc, found out…. hell, we can make no one into someone and just focused on that. That’s why today a lot of billion dollar labels are merged and no longer operational,”Defunct” so to speak, talent is not about being taught, or using lots of money, to make you a voice is not a talent, people have to make an ass of them selves just to get in the news or use their personal life just to hit head lines but you don’t see icons anymore like: Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis JR, Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrex, Dean Martin,Axl Rose,Slash,Janet Jackson, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, The Beastie Boys, Run DMC, Dj Kool, Doug E. Fresh, Biz Markie, James Brown, Marilyn Monroe, I can go on, they did nothing but entertain to hit headlines others meaning , “Press”/”Media” felt obligated because they are and were public figures. &  My goodness you don’t see that creativity in other stars on tv as of now because its rear talent. We simply can say once you discover more of us you will see what our fans have already noticed.

“Innovators still do exist!” 

~The Creators of Eclectic Pop TM ~ Feminine Rhyme

Life of an Innovator


Lately there hasn’t been any innovators in the main stream industries of entertainment, because most are probably going through the same issues we are having now. no one can do better then what you can do for your self, because its not their fight it’s yours. Honestly money can’t buy you a God given talent but the major industries believe money is power their god is money, that’s sad; however we as artists are pushing forward to become more successful in entertainment as innovators we believe with God all things are possible no matter what….. We must be that righteous, because we keep stumbling and no matter if we scrape our knees we just get right back up and fight some more.

This is the life of an Innovator.

Eclectic Pop Duo

Creators of Eclectic Pop

Working on idea…

Working on ideas for our photo shoot some of the images will appear on our web site femininerhyme.com 

 It’s been a while since we had a photo shoot we have sooo much to do for others as well as ourselves, the Lord keeps testing our faith and it keeps getting stronger the tougher he is on us, you have to learn how to except the bad in order to receive good things. Our treasure is ever lasting life.

” No matter what trust in Christ ! ” 

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